How we started and why we do what we do.

Lethbridge Auto Shuttle

Lethbridge Auto Shuttle is a company founded by Jim Lawson when he saw a need to get his car to Calgary for service.  Every time Jim took his car to Calgary for service he calculated the cost of that trip and was astounded by how much time and money was wasted.  When he calculated a day off work and maybe two, mileage on the car, gas, tires and depreciation on the car he mused that there must be a need for a service to safely take these specialty cars for service.  This would leave their owners with more time for either recreation, work or to spend time with their families.  Jim and his car loving friends have had some bad experiences taking their cars to Calgary.  There are 14 car Companies that are sold in Canada but not serviced in Lethbridge.  Sometimes these cars have to go back to the dealer for specific service.  Why not let us take the hassle out of this job.  We will take great care in doing this job for you.